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MN Camp Meeting


Answering The Call

JUNE 4–8


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I remember as a kid when I was learning to water ski. One day I finished a session, came ashore, and proudly announced to someone that I had not fallen down even once. I don’t remember who heard me, but he replied, “Then you’re not skiing hard enough!” Young as I was, I instantly recognized the wisdom in what he said. 

Much of the idea behind any sort of sport, or anything at all for that matter, is to improve your skill level. And we never improve by playing it safe. We improve by pushing our limits and comfort zones. If we never fall down in the course of our activities, then likely we are not taking enough risk that leads to greater success. 

This is particularly true of ministry, which is why our camp meeting theme this year is "Answering the Call.” God’s call on our lives to get out there and share the good news of the gospel is no time for playing it safe. It’s a time for taking risks for Jesus. Sure, in our efforts to answer His call we might make a mistake and fall down, so to speak, but at least we will know that we are not playing it safe like the one-talent guy in Jesus’ parable. But as that story illustrates, when we take risks for God, He blesses us and we may not fall down even though we thought we would. And that is when we begin to realize that we can trust Him even further than we thought we could. 

So answer the call! Take some risks in doing what Jesus commanded us to do, and just see if He doesn’t come through and hold you up!

Jeff Scoggins


Plenary Session Presenters

JUNE 7 & 8

Mark Finley

Mark Finley

Friday & Sabbath 

Mark Finley is a former speaker/director for It Is Written and a retired General Conference vice president. He is still active as an evangelist and has presented more than 150 evangelistic series in more than 80 countries, as well 17 NET series broadcast throughout the world. He presents regularly at conventions, field schools, and evangelism institutes, and appears on the Hope Channel’s series Experience Hope. He has written more than 70 books, writes Bible studies for Adventist World magazine, and is the author of Revival and Reformation, the lesson quarterly for the third quarter of 2013. He and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie,” have three grown children: Deborah, Rebecca, and Mark Jr. Today, Pastor Finley and Teenie continue their ministry at the Living Hope School of Evangelism Training Center in Haymarket, Virginia.

John Shin

Tuesday–Thursday 7 pm sessions

Dr. John Shin graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and did his internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Following this, he completed a fellowship in cancer immunotherapy at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Shin currently works as an assistant professor of medical oncology at Loma Linda University, and he has a burden to share Christ with cancer patients. Because he believes the best way to restore health is to follow God’s laws of healing, his research focus is on immunotherapy clinical trial development and the effects of lifestyle interventions in cancer therapy. His wife Elisa is a dentist by training, and they are blessed with three children: Sophia, Charis, and Kyle.

 John Shin

JUNE 4 – 6

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

JUNE 5 & 6

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

Wednesday & Thursday 11 am sessions

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC, is an author, speaker, TV host, professional counselor, musician, wife, mother, lover of Jesus, and a friend to many. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University, and a doctoral degree in community counseling and traumatology from Liberty University. She has spoken all over the world, written 14 books, and hosted two TV programs. She loves to communicate about the fascinating intersection between theology and psychology, and does so whenever, and however, she gets a chance.

Earnestine Finley

Friday 11 am & 4 pm sessions

Ernestine Finley was born in Portland, Maine. She became a Seventh-day Adventist as the result of a literature evangelist selling truth-filled literature and subsequently enrolling in the Voice of Prophecy Bible course. She attended Portland Junior Academy and later attended Atlantic Union College. Her first assignment in Seventh-day Adventist church work was as a teacher in Hartford, Connecticut. With her evangelistic husband Mark, she has ministered around the world. Together they have conducted over 100 evangelistic series on almost every continent. Ernestine Finley joined the It Is Written ministry in 1991 where, for 14 years, she tirelessly conducted evangelism training seminars, health expos and cooking classes across the world. Finley has been sharing her down-to-earth approach to nutrition for over 30 years, and has authored two nutrition books.

Earnestine Finley



Pedro Maldonado

Pedro Maldonado

Wednesday 4 pm session

Pete Maldonado and his wife Virginia have five wonderful, adopted children together. Pastor Pete has a background in social work and has been a state level competitor in wrestling. He has answered God’s call to become a pastor and is currently a minister for The Way District, which includes The Way Seventh-day Adventist Church, Maple Plain Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Westview Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Jude Senatus

Thursday 4 pm session

Evangelist Dr. Jude Senatus is the Pastor of Minneapolis First district. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Liberty University and a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University. He has worked as an evangelist throughout the USA, Canada, Cuba, Honduras, and Haiti. Pastor Jude is the president of Divine Call Ministries, a Non-profit Organization. Also, he served the host of Christian radio WYSG 96.3FM and WMLA 99.7FM. Dr. Jude is one of the authors for Hinckley News, Spotlight on Faith. Pastor Jude is a simple servant of God who firmly believes that Jesus saved him to serve. He is married to Gemima Senatus, and they have four children together.

Jude Senatus


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The Venue

700 Main Street North 

Hutchinson, MN 55350

Maplewood Academy is a private Christian boarding high school located in Hutchinson, MN. It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, which is the world's second largest Christian school system. It is owned and operated by the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is the location for our annual Camp Meeting. 

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